E4K - Energy For Kids

In 2008, Hampton Roads Chapter of ASHRAE in conjunction with the local chapter of IFMA, developed an annual benefit called E4K (Energy for Kids) to help local charities lower the costs associated with heating, cooling, and making domestic hot water for their facilities. While rates for fossil fuels may rise, the ASHRAE/IFMA E4K improvements substantially enhance these systems, help lower consumption and overall cost of operations, and produce a positive impact on our environment.

2018 Pig and Oyster Roast Event Details at Chesapeake City Park

  1. 2018 - Energy upgrades for Seton Youth Shelters
  2. 2017 - Energy upgrades for Southside Boys & Girls Club
  3. 2016 - Energy upgrades for William A. Hunton YMCA
  4. 2015 - Energy upgrades for YMCA Camp Silver Beach / sponsors
  5. 2014 - Energy upgrades for Edmarc Hospice for Children / sponsors
  6. 2013 - Energy upgrades for Ronald McDonald House / sponsors
  7. 2012 - Energy upgrades for Special People Mailing Service / sponsors
  8. 2011 - Energy upgrades for YWCA / wrap-up / sponsors
  9. 2010 - Energy upgrades for Habitat for Humanity / wrap-up / sponsors
  10. 2009 - Energy upgrades for ForKids / wrap-up / sponsors
  11. 2008 - Energy upgrades for St. Mary's Home / sponsors


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